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The “Corn King’s” 10 Commandments

The Corn Siege, and the characters within it, is a work of fiction.  But if the “Corn King” was a real person, here are the ‘commandments’ he would lay out:

  1.  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehver, vote for a Democrat or a ‘progressive.’  Not for dog catcher.  NOT FOR ANYTHING.
  2. When at all possible, do not give business to a Democrat or a ‘progressive.’  That said, a case can be made for taking their money, especially if what they are getting in return is something ‘non-essential.’  If it is something they really need, prompt them to grow/build/make/produce it themselves.
  3. Disabuse yourself of any notion that we are witnessing ‘politics’ as usual.  No.  The elites are unofficially, but in reality, on a ‘war’ footing with the whole concept of the ‘usual.’  They have been for a long time.   For example, the ‘Great Reset’ has been in the works for decades.  It is not a new thing.
  4. Never, ever, ever, defer to ‘experts.’  About anything.  Like anything, ‘expertise’ can be abused or corrupted.  Checks and balances are needed at every level of human society, even when it comes to ‘professionals.’ Indeed, especially when it comes to ‘professionals.’ The more a policy cuts to the quick, the more you need to examine it to the best of your ability.
  5. Get as self-sufficient as you possibly can.  Not everything is possible right away.  Begin taking the necessary steps now:  get out of debt, diversify your income streams, learn how to garden, and garden well.
  6. Build and expand the local community.  When at all possible, give your business to a local business, even if this means paying a higher price for it.  If this is not possible, give your business regionally, and then to those in your state.  If this is not possible, endeavor to support only law abiding, liberty-loving individuals.  The goal is not to punish, but to deepen the ties that bind.  You’re gonna need them.
  7. Not voting for any leftist does not necessarily mean always voting for a Republican; make sure the ones you are voting for don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.  Hold their feet to the fire and don’t relent!  Conversely, support those ‘walking the walk’ in every way you can!
  8. Run for local office–township, city, village, and county–and prepare to be brave (see #3), else don’t run at all.  Conversely, prepare to back those who are sticking their necks out on your behalf.  Why should they take all the arrows?  The Federal government cannot be redeemed.  Most state governments are useless.  That leaves just one last place to make your stand.
  9. Stop giving your money and your eyeballs to Big Tech!
  10. Keep your powder dry.
  11. See #1.